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New blog post: Q&A: Educational Resources on Poly, for Therapists

As always, comments are welcome!

[thanks to [livejournal.com profile] akienm for the original question that spurred the post]
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Word Art by Peter Sebastian

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I've been busy lately, updating my Uncharted Love blog pages, mostly. I've got a new resources section, with some useful resources and links to some useful places. Check it out!

In other news: No, I haven't heard from UC. It's a slow process. I'm guessing that no news is bad news, but until they actually reject me, there's always hope!

ETA: Helps if I put the link in. D'oh!
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There comes a time
when you must proceed
according to your own heart
(we are always be-ing)
as it is
(as you are)
the only light
for miles within

(Copyright 2/20/11, Dawn M. Davidson)
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This Valentine's Day post in my new blog took me all day to do. Seriously. It would be lovely if someone would go look at it. And maybe let me know that they'd seen it. It's got a link to a new resource page I made:
My handy-dandy gender-neutral, relationship-style-neutral Love Languages quiz.

Still plugging away at learning the software. BTW, changing the background (to put a white box over the chart graphic, to make the text area easier to read) doesn't require learning the Wordpress software--it requires learning the DREAMHOST software. I haven't even seriously begun to work at that.
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Valentine's Day brings with it the usual crop of articles on polyamory. This year, there's a good one in the Santa Cruz local press. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lrc for bringing to my attention that it had appeared. I've posted it in my new blog, so check it out!


[ETA: Huh. They've removed my comment from the site. I wonder what's up with that? Have written to the editors....]

[ETA2: It appears to be a technical error and they're working on it.]
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Hi folks:

Just a quick reminder that the East Bay Poly Discussion Group will be TONIGHT, Tues 2/8 (as always, the 2nd Tuesday of the month). Doors open at 6:45 and discussion starts at 7:15pm. RSVP form and ADDRESS can be found on the RSVP spreadsheet link:
If you have difficulty updating the spreadsheet (Internet Explorer may fail),
send an email to: admin (at) ebpp (dot) org, and we'll add your name to the list.

Also, don't forget that NEXT Tuesday (the 3rd Tuesday of the month) is the East Bay Poly Potluck (location TBA).

Hope to see some of you TONIGHT!!

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I've created an RSS Feed for my blog here in LJ. Unbelievably, someone already had "unchartedlove." Most distressingly, it seems to be a teenybopper who hasn't posted since 2006. Can we petition to have a journal removed on grounds of non-use?, anyhow, the name I created is [livejournal.com profile] uncharted_love. You can add it to your Friends List, and you should get automatic updates whenever I post to the blog. Conversely, you can subscribe to the feed directly outside of LJ as well: http://blog.unchartedlove.com/?feed=rss2. I have made some posts, including the one earlier tonight called Spit for Science!".

In other news, I made a fairly big change here just now. I changed the default post settings back to "public." It's reasonably likely that I'll still continue to post my more private musings at least behind a basic Friends-lock. But it seemed to me that it was time to loosen the illusion of privacy. The things that caused me to tighten things up in the distant past are much less likely to cause me trouble these days.

And a Note To Self: Caffeine after noon is BAD. Do we really need to keep taking data on this? Honestly. I know Coke is tasty, but this not sleeping at night thing is really not good.
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The Rhythm Society choir invites you and your guests to a combined concert, featuring Variety Pack & the RS Choir

date: Sunday, December 12, 2010
location: Piedmont Gardens, 110 - 41st Avenue at Piedmont, 11th floor
time: 3pm - 4pm (a good idea to be prompt!)

NOTE: This event is FREE and open to the public (please be respectful of the venue--it is a retirement community)

WARNING: Parking is VERY BAD in this area. Please allow 20-30 min for parking. Hopefully you won't need it all, but sometimes it's very challenging, and you'll end up needing to walk a ways after finding your spot. Also, please arrive promptly, or you may miss the beginning. Our director tends to start this concert very close to "on time," to be honoring of the time of the venue, and our elderly patrons.

The concert will be a mix of music of various styles and eras. We won't have much that I know of that's discernibly "holiday-themed" (though I'm not sure yet what Variety Pack might have up their collective sleeve!)

Maybe I'll see a few of you there!

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Registrations are happening now for Poly Living in Philadelphia! Feb 4-6, 2011. If it's anything like the one in Seattle was a couple of weeks back, you don't want to miss this!

Announcing Poly Living 2011, Philadelphia, PA :: Loving More | MyNewsletterBuilder
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Hey polyfolk (especially those in and around Seattle)!

I'm really excited about this weekend's Poly Living hotel conference in Seattle, where I'll be presenting with my long-term LDR partner Gary on Long Distance relationships (a description of that workshop, called "Wandering Hearts," along with all the other great workshops, can be found here). It's going to be great fun, with a Keynote by Dossie Easton (co-author, Ethical Slut); a special appearance by Christoper Ryan (co-author, Sex at Dawn), and a great concert by the Bone Poets Orchestra (formerly Gaia Consort). Options for attending part or all of the conference, and discounts for worktrade, poly families (3 or more registering together), and more, make the conference more affordable for those of limited means. I hope to see some of you there for part, if not all of this great conference!

I'm also (separate from the conference) presenting at the Sharma Center on Tuesday 10/26, on the topic of "Creating Empowering Relationship Agreements." Doors open at 6:00, folks need to be in by 6:45 (to avoid disturbing the downstairs event), and the workshop will run from 7 to 9pm. No pre-reg required, but the space is small and could sell out, so call if you're sure you want to be there! $15 for Sharma Center members and registrants of Poly Living; $20 for others.

PS: Reasonably decent press coverage of a workshop I presented last week in Santa Cruz. Yay for positive poly press!
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Hi poly and poly-curious friends:

In the next few weeks I'm doing several workshops for those interested in polyamory/ethical non-monogamy/open relationships, and I thought that some here might want to know. Feel free to contact me for more info on any of these, and to forward to interested people or lists.

1) East Bay Poly Discussion Group, Tuesday 10/12, Read more... )

2) Simultaneous Lovin'--An Intro to Polyamory, Wednesday 10/13 at Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz. Read more... )

3) "Wandering Hearts: Long Distance (Poly) Relationships", at Poly Living West, 10/22-24, Seattle WA. Concert--Bone Poets Orchestra (formerly Gaia Consort); Keynote--Dossie Easton (Ethical Slut co-author); Special Guest--Christopher Ryan (Sex At Dawn co-author). NOTE: Daypasses and "Nights-only" options Read more... )

4) Creating Empowering Relationship Agreements, Tuesday 10/26 at the Sharma Center in Seattle WA. Read more... )

Hope to see some of you here, Santa Cruz, or Seattle!!

PS: BONUS appearance at Marcia Baczynski's Creating Sustainable Open Relationships workshop series, Sat Dec. 4, 2010. Read more... )
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Robyn Trask of Loving More says that there are a few more spots left for the East Coast Retreat at Easton Mountain (outside of Albany NY). There may also be discounts and/or worktrade, so if you've been wishing you could go, you should contact her ASAP! Basic info can be found in this (slightly dated) newsletter. I might suggest calling rather than e-mailing, since Robyn is already on the road: 970-MOR-LOVE.
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Hi folks:

Just a reminder that the PPP is coming up THIS Saturday!

Our next Poly Pool Party will be Sat. Aug 14th! This takes place at
our home in San Leandro, CA. If you're interested, you can get details by
signing on to our Google Group (look at some of the recent
Or send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the full invite. We love to
have new folks attend, but our space is limited, so we do require
RSVPs. (We'd also like you to read the FAQ, please!)

FYI: The Google Group is a very occasional and relatively low-traffic
list for announcing our Poly Pool Parties (PPPs) and other events that
we host here at our home and/or are involved in putting on. In general
these events are local to the SF Bay Area, but sometimes we announce
things that we're doing elsewhere in the country.

WELCOMING OF ALL: Please note that our parties are welcoming to people
of all sizes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, backgrounds,
spiritual beliefs, political thoughts, etc. Guests are expected to
behave in a manner that is courteous, respectful, and accepting of
this diversity. (It's perfectly ok to have personal preferences, of
course, as long as those preferences don't interfere with your ability
to behave courteously towards others at the party.) If you have any
questions about this policy, or about any other issues pertaining to
our party, please feel free to contact us privately.

Looking forward to seeing some of you here very soon!

dawndsquirrel( at) gmail[dot]com

* "Simultaneous Lovin' - An Intro to Poly, @ Pure Pleasure in Santa
Cruz 10/13/10
* Poly Living West - Seattle, WA, Oct 22-24, 2010.
* http://www.facebook.com/LoveOTB
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We've got several things hopping in the next week, here at House Weirdness (details below for each one):

1) "LoveSpeak: Make the Connection!" Workshop (about the 5 Languages of Love) at PurePleasure in Santa Cruz TOMORROW May 6, from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Save $5 by pre-registering!

2) Poly Pool Party at our place THIS Saturday May 8th from 7pm to 12 midnight (setup and "Family Friendly time" begin at 4pm)! (donation requested to cover heating costs, but No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds)

3) East Bay Poly Discussion Group on Tuesday 5/11 at our place. Doors Open at 6:45. For directions, send your RSVPs to discussiongroup (at) ebpp (dot) org. (No Charge!)

Hope to see some of you very soon!

Dawn Read more... )
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Love Outside the Box WilderShores of Love for women: Telesem wk8.
work w/Jealousy; connect w/other women. Wed 4/28, 5pPT/8pET.
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Wilder Shores (for women) 3rd Series starts Wed 4/14--Connecting Your Design To Your World. http://wildershores.eventbrite.com
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Hey folks:

Mar3 is "America's Sexuality Day." (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306598639721&ref=mf) It's also the first class for my teleseminar, "The Wilder Shores of Love". Coincidence??? You tell me!   http://wildershores.eventbrite.com

BTW, Francesca and I really want women* to check this course out, so we're making the first class FREE.  Try it; we think you'll like it!  I'm sending Francesca's chatty e-mail below for further information.  If you want to skip the chat and go directly to signing up, you can go to the Event Brite website to register:
Even though the first class is FREE, you need to REGISTER, so we can send you the CALL-IN INFO and the materials for the first class.  So please, DO register for this FREE class on Wednesday!  Thanks!

Hope to hear some of you again very soon!

More details and registration information back here... )
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After a successful workshop in December on basic Poly skills, I'll be returning to Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz later this month to present another workshop in tandem with Akien. On Feb. 25th (a Thursday) we'll present "Riding the Green Wave: Moving Through Jealousy," a workshop on several tools for dealing with jealousy (especially in polyamorous relationships). These skills are, of course, not LIMITED to use in poly relationships, but that's our context. Description and registration information is included below. We'd love to see some of you there!

Best wishes,

Dawn (& Akien)

PS: Feel free to forward to any of your Santa Cruz and other local friends!

Thursday 2-25-10
"Riding the Green Wave" Workshop: Moving Through Jealousy
Read more... )
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Hey folks:

Just a reminder that I'll be teaching a workshop in Santa Cruz on
Thursday 12/3. Hope to see some of you there!


Read more... )

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