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New blog post: Q&A: Educational Resources on Poly, for Therapists

As always, comments are welcome!

[thanks to [livejournal.com profile] akienm for the original question that spurred the post]
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This Valentine's Day post in my new blog took me all day to do. Seriously. It would be lovely if someone would go look at it. And maybe let me know that they'd seen it. It's got a link to a new resource page I made:
My handy-dandy gender-neutral, relationship-style-neutral Love Languages quiz.

Still plugging away at learning the software. BTW, changing the background (to put a white box over the chart graphic, to make the text area easier to read) doesn't require learning the Wordpress software--it requires learning the DREAMHOST software. I haven't even seriously begun to work at that.
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I've created an RSS Feed for my blog here in LJ. Unbelievably, someone already had "unchartedlove." Most distressingly, it seems to be a teenybopper who hasn't posted since 2006. Can we petition to have a journal removed on grounds of non-use?, anyhow, the name I created is [livejournal.com profile] uncharted_love. You can add it to your Friends List, and you should get automatic updates whenever I post to the blog. Conversely, you can subscribe to the feed directly outside of LJ as well: http://blog.unchartedlove.com/?feed=rss2. I have made some posts, including the one earlier tonight called Spit for Science!".

In other news, I made a fairly big change here just now. I changed the default post settings back to "public." It's reasonably likely that I'll still continue to post my more private musings at least behind a basic Friends-lock. But it seemed to me that it was time to loosen the illusion of privacy. The things that caused me to tighten things up in the distant past are much less likely to cause me trouble these days.

And a Note To Self: Caffeine after noon is BAD. Do we really need to keep taking data on this? Honestly. I know Coke is tasty, but this not sleeping at night thing is really not good.

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