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This Valentine's Day post in my new blog took me all day to do. Seriously. It would be lovely if someone would go look at it. And maybe let me know that they'd seen it. It's got a link to a new resource page I made:
My handy-dandy gender-neutral, relationship-style-neutral Love Languages quiz.

Still plugging away at learning the software. BTW, changing the background (to put a white box over the chart graphic, to make the text area easier to read) doesn't require learning the Wordpress software--it requires learning the DREAMHOST software. I haven't even seriously begun to work at that.
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We've got several things hopping in the next week, here at House Weirdness (details below for each one):

1) "LoveSpeak: Make the Connection!" Workshop (about the 5 Languages of Love) at PurePleasure in Santa Cruz TOMORROW May 6, from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Save $5 by pre-registering!

2) Poly Pool Party at our place THIS Saturday May 8th from 7pm to 12 midnight (setup and "Family Friendly time" begin at 4pm)! (donation requested to cover heating costs, but No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds)

3) East Bay Poly Discussion Group on Tuesday 5/11 at our place. Doors Open at 6:45. For directions, send your RSVPs to discussiongroup (at) ebpp (dot) org. (No Charge!)

Hope to see some of you very soon!

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Hey folks:

Mar3 is "America's Sexuality Day." (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306598639721&ref=mf) It's also the first class for my teleseminar, "The Wilder Shores of Love". Coincidence??? You tell me!   http://wildershores.eventbrite.com

BTW, Francesca and I really want women* to check this course out, so we're making the first class FREE.  Try it; we think you'll like it!  I'm sending Francesca's chatty e-mail below for further information.  If you want to skip the chat and go directly to signing up, you can go to the Event Brite website to register:
Even though the first class is FREE, you need to REGISTER, so we can send you the CALL-IN INFO and the materials for the first class.  So please, DO register for this FREE class on Wednesday!  Thanks!

Hope to hear some of you again very soon!

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