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Hi all!

Reminder about a few upcoming Poly events here in the East Bay:

1) Poly Pool Party Sat. Oct 17th
Our next Poly Pool Party will be Sat. Oct 17th! This takes place at our home in San Leandro. If you're interested, you can get details by signing on to our Google Group:
Or send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the full invite. We love to have new folks attend, but our space is limited, so we do require RSVPs.

FYI: The Google Group is a very occasional and relatively low-traffic list for announcing our Poly Pool Parties (PPPs) and other events that we host here at our home and/or are involved in putting on. In general these events are local to the SF Bay Area, but sometimes we announce things that we're doing elsewhere in the country.

WELCOMING OF ALL: Please note that our parties are welcoming to people of all sizes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, political thoughts, etc. Guests are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous, respectful, and accepting of this diversity. (It's perfectly ok to have personal preferences, of course, as long as those preferences don't interfere with your ability to behave courteously towards others at the party.) If you have any questions about this policy, or about any other issues pertaining to our party, please feel free to contact us privately.

And other stuff, not at our place this month, sponsored by the East Bay Poly Potluck folks (currently coordinated by Greg and Allison):

2) East Bay Poly Potluck and House Weirdness co-sponsor a poly relationship discussion group on the second Tuesday of every month. This month it's on October 13 in Oakland (NOT here at House Weirdness!). Doors open at 6:45, discussion begins at 7:15. Please arrive on time.

What's going on with you in your poly life? We can all learn from each other. This is a place to talk about it, both from the head and the heart. It's more of a moderated discussion than a lecture, though we have discussion topics to help keep things focused.

Like our East Bay Poly Potlucks, we ask that you RSVP in advance, including the names of all guests. It's held in a private home, and that way we know who's coming; it's a safety and no-surprises thing. Send your RSVPs to discussiongroup[at]ebpp(dot)org.

3) Also, this month, on October 20 the East Bay Poly Potluck will be in Concord.
Email to ebpp[at]ebpp(dot)org for details.

East Bay Poly Potluck also has a Yahoo group for discussion and announcements of interest to the East Bay poly community. If you're interested in joining, drop us an email to Greg & Allison at admin[at]ebpp(dot)org with a little about yourself.

[DAWN'S NOTE: This is a separate list from the Weirdness Events list!]

Hope to see some of you around soon!

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HI folks:

Francesca Gentille is having a fundraiser and info night combined, tomorrow, Wed. 9/30/09. Interested? Read more below. Can't attend but feel called to acquire the fabulous accessories? Order online.

More details below the cut...

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Very cool; taught by Lori Grace of Celebrations of Love (where we did some poly workshops a few years back).


Intro to Compassionate Communication for Sexworkers and Sex-positive Community
w/ Master Coach Scott Catamas & Lorie Grace

Hosted by Annie Sprinkle

September 28 and 29, 7-9:30pm
Cost: $10-20 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Come to one night or both!

Introduction to the practice of Compassionate Communication, also known as Non-Violent Communication (NVC); these are simple, practical tools that ANYONE can use to have better relationships. This is a non-denominational, cross-cultural approach that is being used throughout the world. We learn to listen with open minds & open hearts, and how to express in a way in which we are understood. Theplayshop is FUN and we adapt to the specific needs & interests of those who choose to participate.

Learn transformational yet simple tools and techniques in communication:
- Learn simple ways to have greater ease in relationships and with clients
- How to be fully understood while listening with an open heart
- How to express yourself in ways that others can fully hear you
- How to solve a problem with everyone involved feeling understood
- How to be the friend you always wished to be
- How to incorporate these techniques into your work and every day life
- How to live a happier and fulfilled life

Scott Catamas is a masterful facilitator who has helped hundreds of people, of all ages and walks of life. Scott studied NVC (Nonviolent Communication) with it's founder, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. He also wrote & produced the feature film "MEN IN LOVE", one of the first homoerotic feature films to achieve widespread distribution. (It set a record for opening night at the Castro, back in 1989). He has produced several nationally broadcast televisions shows and segments about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Scott is currently completing a 5 disc DVD series on “The Embodied Spirituality of Compassionate Communication.”

Founder and Director of Celebrations of Love, Lori Grace Star, MA Psych. LMT, has been studying and teaching communication and conflict resolution for over 10 years. Since 2001, she has focused on Compassionate Communication, based on her understanding of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication model. Lori teaches and practices these skills in order to feel peaceful and inspired in daily life, and to connect deeply with herself and with others.
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Emergency re: The Cow Palace

Dear Cow Palace supporter,

Sorry to interrupt your day with bad news, but it is time to take action again regarding the Cow Palace. You are on my short list of people to contact in the event of an emergency. Well, this is an emergency.

SB 586 (Yee) was, until today, limited to selling the 13 acres of Cow Palace land. Now Yee has amended the bill to sell the ENTIRE Cow Palace. The worst part is the politics involved: according to Yee's office, the Governor has requested this action as a "tough budget decision."

#1 Please contact the Governor's office TODAY, Tomorrow AND next week (link below) - Tell him you are opposed to SB 586 - express your outrage at this 11th hour attempt to bypass the public process. Selling the Cow Palace does not make fiscal sense.

#2 Contact YOUR Assemblyperson AND Senator immediately (link below). Tell them you oppose 586 and demand that it be sent back to committee for public comment. This is a HUGE amendment and should require at least 30 days for review. The session ends next Friday so if this passes, it will have to circumvent many key rules...and its a BAD IDEA.

(they were hoping nobody would notice)

Financial overview:
The Cow Palace is an important urban Fairground AND it is now running in the black and profitable. Some of its previous events and concerts are returning and with money from the 13 acres paying for improvements this trend will continue. Selling it at a fire sale in the middle of a real estate depression is financial idiocy. This is ENTIRELY a political looking good issue for the Governor, not to mention a betrayal by Yee.

We will be updating the website tonight (hopefully) and include some sample letters. An email will then go out to the larger email list of those who signed petitions to save the Cow Palace last year.

Please read the letter below from Western Fairs Association director Steve Chambers to learn what we know to date. The actual bill (with amended language) has not been released yet. The bill is sitting on the Assembly Floor. It could be approved and moved to the Senate as soon as TOMORROW.

(thanks!) ~Kevin

Memo: California Fairs
From: Stephen Chambers
Re: Urgent - Cow Palace - Senate Bill 586

Senator Yee has amended his Senate Bill 586 to force the sale of the Cow Palace with the proceeds going to the State General Fund. The original bill addressed the 13 acre parcel that the Cow Palace is currently seeking to develop. Senator Yee had originally promised to keep his bill on hold during the bidding process. Now, he has decided to seek the sale of the entire property. We need every California Fair to let their local Senate and Assembly Members and the Governor, know that they are opposed to Senate Bill 586 for the following reasons:

SB586 establishes a dangerous precedent for all District Ag Associations - selling fair property to meet State Budget shortfalls is a bad idea.
The Cow Palace is a valuable institution that creates jobs and generates revenue for the State without subsidy. It is also an important agricultural landmark in an otherwise urban landscape.
The Cow Palace, under new management, has been diligently working to accomplish the goals set by Senator Yee for their 13 acre parcel - namely, attracting a Supermarket for the local community. Switching tactics late in the session after so much work by the Cow Palace is just wrong.

Please share this report with your Board of Directors and urge them to call or send a message to their Senate and Assembly contacts and let the Governor know that this is a dangerous bill for ALL fairs.

You will be able to find contact information through the following links:
California Assembly: http://www.assembly.ca.gov/defaulttext.asp
California Senate: http://www.sen.ca.gov/~newsen/senators/senators.htp
Governor's office: http://gov.ca.gov/interact#contact

The Great Dickens Fair Website: http://www.dickensfair.com/

Join Our Mailing List: http://visitor.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1102686596674
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[*BFP--Blatant Friend Promotion!]

My friend and teacher Tahil is leading this great training for men, called Daka Coach University. He's offering AMAZING discounts through Aug. 29, and HALF the spots are already FULL. If you or a friend is interested in gathering tools of success around sacred sex, wealth, and health, while at the same time building a solid brotherhood of friends that will be there through thick and thin, I highly recommend you check out the training!

more information about Daka Coach University )

PS: A few clarifications from Tahil: )

My dear friend Francesca Gentille (one of my dearest friends, as well as Tahil's partner) is also leading the associated Sacred Courtesan School at the same time.

More information about the Sacred Courtesan School for women )
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My kid has great ideas. Sadly, this does not seem to translate into great grades. But still, I thought this story was awesome and worth sharing.

The Zombies, the Monkeys and the Bananas:
A folktale about recycling and cooperation
Enjoy! )
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My housemate is giving a concert! Trust me, if you are local to the Bay Area and like medieval and/or harp and/or Irish Celtic music, you want to be here! She's awesome (and I'm so lucky to get to listen to her all the time! :^). Below I've pasted information from her Facebook announcement. You know you want to hear this... Read more... )
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Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

and if you can't remember that, here's a helpful shirt to wear

and we could buy pretty much any random t-shirt/thing at on ThinkGeek, and know someone who NEEDS it, e.g.:

for Akien

for Hope

for my housemates

the shirt that started it all, good for those downsizing parties...


for Allegra. Really. She MUST have this shirt!

Pwnies. Nuff said.

for Dreamervictoria.

In other linkages, I personally don't care much for the idea of the diet cake (ew!), but the idea should be simple enough to do with any white cake: http://www.omnomicon.com/rainbowcake. And besides which, I mean, really, don't you NEED to bookmark a site that's called "omnomicon.com"???

for the adorable, but very sharp, Sushi cat
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Hi folks:

I'm on the phone with Robyn Trask of Loving More. Apparently there's a glitch with their e-mail, and they can't get mail at their usual address. If you were hoping to register for the Poly Living conference this weekend (it starts tomorrow! http://lovingmorenonprofit.org/conferences/plw09.html ; more info below), and/or if you had questions about that conference, please either send mail to:
or better yet CALL: 1-970-667-5683. Please leave a message if no one answers and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope to see some of you at the conference tomorrow!

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Hi folks:

Sorry for the late notice!

This is a reminder that TOMORROW, Tuesday 3/24, is the next meeting of the East Bay Poly Discussion Group. This month it will be at a private home in San Leandro. For more info, to RSVP, and to receive location information, see below.

On March 24 (4th Tuesdays) the East Bay Poly Discussion Group will be in San Leandro. Doors open at 6:45, and Discussion begins at 7:15. Discussion will be led by Dawn (and possibly also Akien). RSVPs are highly desired for safety and space reasons. Send mail to: discussiongroup at ebpp dot org to get details and directions.

Also, East Bay Poly Potluck (and Discussion Group) has a Yahoo group for discussion and announcements of interest to the East Bay poly community. If you're interested in joining, drop us (Greg and Alison, keepers of the EBPP lists) an email to admin at ebpp dot org with a little about yourself.

To sub or unsub from the Weirdness Events Google Group (Dawn and Akien's list) , go to this page:
NOTE: You DO NOT need to sign up for a gmail account to be on this list. You DO need to sign up for a Google Account, but you can use another e-mail to do that with (e.g., yahoo, hotmail, etc).

Hope to see some of you soon!

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Hey folks:

My friends Francesca and Tahil are teaching a great class on Flirting this weekend. They're especially looking for women attendees to gender balance several men who are already on the waiting list. I think there is still room for more couples as well. Discount expires TODAY, so move quickly if you're interested!

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[from another, non-LJ, list I'm on]

The Alameda Kids' Clothing Swap is coming up this weekend. Also, Crosstown Coffeehouse has generously offered a 25% discount on coffee and food for all attendees. Please stop by if you have the chance! It has always been a really fun event with a nice crowd and a good selection of clothing for kids. The next one isn't until late August/early September. Please feel free to forward!


Alameda Kids Clothing Swap


Take a moment to set aside outgrown clothes and bring them along to the clothing swap at Crosstown Coffeehouse on Saturday, March 7th from 9 until noon!


DATE: Saturday, March 7th
TIME: 9 am until 12 noon
LOCATION: Crosstown Coffeehouse (High Street @ Encinal, Alameda)

1) Bring clean, good quality clothing that you no longer need--the quality that you would hope to find for your child at the swap. No holes or stains, please. Good condition to great shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jammies, outerwear, dancewear, sportswear, costumes -- all good.
2) Take home clothes you and your kids like - and please take about the amount you brought.
3) We accept sizes Newborn to a child's size 12x - as well as maternity items. That said, the swap works best when everyone brings the largest size they can--we don't want to have too many baby clothes and not enough babies!
4) Please pre-sort your items by size and gender. When you arrive, you will be asked to set them out on the appropriate tables, and this will go faster if they are already sorted.

$5 and a bag of clothes gets you in and allows us to make a donation to thank Crosstown Coffeehouse, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, for letting us use their space.
Pregnant ladies with nothing to swap are also welcome--$7 gets you in and offsets the production costs for the event.

Feel like helping out? Contact us at alamedaswap@gmail.com.

Leftovers will be donated to Alameda nonprofits.
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12 years ago at 12:41 pm (after only 9 hours of very intense labor), my beautiful daughter Allegra was born.

Last night (with my encouragement), she wrote this poem for class:

What Am I?

I am like a shadow that creeps around the house.
First I am here, and then I am gone.

I am a squeaky toy that was lost in the toy bin,
heard but not seen.

My feelings get hurt when people eat out.
They leave me alone to mope about.

What am I?

Can you guess? )

Now she is the same age that [livejournal.com profile] dreamervictoria was when [livejournal.com profile] allegrakd was born. Time indeed flies.

Happy Birthday Allegra! Before you know it, you'll be 24, like Sissy is now. :^) I hope this is a great year for you. There will be lots of changes, but then, that seems to be the theme for the year--CHANGE. Here's to yours being fun, and taking you forward in a life you love.
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Hey, it looks like we might just have a party! I've got around a dozen adults and a couple of kids RSVP-ed to sing with us on Saturday evening. Still room for a few more! If you have time, energy, and interest in music (not even necessarily ability to sing!), please drop by our party on Saturday evening. It's shaping up to be a fun evening. Hope to see you there!

PS: I heard that [livejournal.com profile] patgreene's brownies (along with [livejournal.com profile] patgreene!) will be at the party. Just sayin'....

Repeat of the previous listing, including the poll link to fill out )
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A few of you may remember the Holiday Jam that I hosted 3 years ago. Well, it's back! [livejournal.com profile] brian1789 and I will be hosting the event here at House Weirdness. We'll get together for a Holiday music jam session and jam-tasting on Saturday, Dec. 13th, from 7 to 9:30pm. Bring your favorite carols, copies of "Christmas In Song" or other carol books, and any other music you might want to sing, play, or listen to. Also please bring jam to share (homemade, "specialty" and holiday-flavors especially encouraged), and any bread or crackers or other substances on which you might wish to put the jam for tasting. If you don't have jam to contribute, we could also use potluck contributions of cheese, fruit, cider (plain or hard or sparkling), milk, hot cocoa, or anything else you might like to have at such a gathering (though it should be noted that that is a "dessert/snacks only" after dinner event, not a full potluck). Singers, instrumental musicians, and non-musicians (audience!) all welcome.

It's a drop-in event, so you're welcome to show up "late." However, we probably won't go back and re-sing things we do early in the evening, so be aware. If the group decides to do it, we might go out later in the evening to do a little caroling outside, for our neighbors. I figure they get to deal with our parking problems for the Poly Pool Parties, so maybe they might like a little music to light up their evening in partial balance.

I'm aware that this is very late notice, so please don't worry if you are busy. We'll hope for at least 4 people to cover S/A/T/B parts, but whatever we get, we'll work with. The point is to have FUN singing together, and enjoying the music and festivities!

FYI, the main carol book for this will be Christmas In Song. I have about 4 or 5 of these myself, and might be able to snag a few more from friends. If you have your own, PLEASE bring it. If you can't attend, but would be willing to lend me your copies, I'd be most grateful (please let me know in comments). Thanks!

Let's jam!

Poll about attendees, music, jam, potluck contributions, etc )
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Also, [livejournal.com profile] tenacious_snail's family is real too.

For ALL the families, for ALL the children: Please vote No on Prop 8 in CA.
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If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend checking out theremina's video, The Face of Prop 8. This is what we're up against, folks. The screaming, foaming at the mouth opposition to equality. It's scary.

More good analysis and discussion here as well:

[thanks to [livejournal.com profile] griffen for the links; x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] no_on_prop_8]
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Hey folks--interested in the No on 8 Campaign? Frustrated because you haven't been able to get schwag, like yard signs and stickers? Want to know where the rallies are, or how to sign up to help on election day? Want rebuttals to all the Yes on 8 lies?

Then check out the new [livejournal.com profile] no_on_prop_8 community started by [livejournal.com profile] ef2p. Get answers, share resources, share hope. Help keep hate from being codified in our State Constitution, and keep marriage available to all.

(And maybe someday that'll even include those of us who love more than 1, hmm? One step at a time....)

And pass the word. Please feel free to repost to individual journals and communities (check the rules!) who might be interested.
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I really don't like doing this (I dislike political spam), but I feel sufficiently strongly about the need for everyone I know in CA to vote No on 8, and to help change the minds of the swing voters on this, that I'm going to continue to post information about the No on 8 campaign.  The Yes on 8 campaign is spreading outright LIES, and we need to counter them.  Here's one more place to go to hear more information, and to learn how to help more.

Please distribute widely!

Thursday, October 23, 2008, at 9:30 a.m.
Community Room of Chinese for Affirmative Action17 Walter U. Lum Place, San Francisco, CA 94108

What: API Equality and Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) are organizing a San Francisco panel discussion on marriage equality that will be hosted by Writer and Activist Helen Zia. The panel will address a broad range of issues, including how the proposed repeal of equal marriage rights has historical ties to discrimination against the API community and a fact-based discussion examining the religious and education-based claims that have been made in favor of Proposition 8.
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ETA: Republicans against 8: It's Backwards

[links from sfbayarea comm]
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