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After a successful workshop in December on basic Poly skills, I'll be returning to Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz later this month to present another workshop in tandem with Akien. On Feb. 25th (a Thursday) we'll present "Riding the Green Wave: Moving Through Jealousy," a workshop on several tools for dealing with jealousy (especially in polyamorous relationships). These skills are, of course, not LIMITED to use in poly relationships, but that's our context. Description and registration information is included below. We'd love to see some of you there!

Best wishes,

Dawn (& Akien)

PS: Feel free to forward to any of your Santa Cruz and other local friends!

Thursday 2-25-10
"Riding the Green Wave" Workshop: Moving Through Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most common issues most polyamorous or
non-monogamous people face. No matter how "enlightened" you become,
sooner or later you'll probably end up feeling angry, fearful, or
upset in that way we call "jealousy." Rather than drowning in it,
ignoring it, or trying to "get over it," workshop presenters and
facilitators Akien MacIain and Dawn Davidson (of Mandala Enterprises
Relationship Coaching; www.mandalaenterprises.com) recommend instead
trying to listen to and learn from jealousy. Drawing on personal
history as well as on the results of a 9 month focus group, they'll
share some tools, resources, and useful skills for reducing feelings
of jealousy in the jealous partner, and will offer some tips for the
non-jealous partner as well. Based on feedback from the audience,
they'll choose from a list including Trance Rehearsal, The Inner Child
Meditation, Jealousy Pie, The Acknowledgments Exercise, Juggling for
Idiots, and more.

Whatever your current relationship circumstances or experience with
multiple partners, this is a can't-miss evening, packed with tips and
tools to help you "Ride the Green Wave" back into smooth relationship

Instructors: Dawn Davidson and Akien MacIain are co-founders of
Mandala Enterprises (www.mandalaenterprises.com). They are Personal
and Relationship Coach/Counselors whose primary focus is on
alternative relationships. Both have been active in the SF Bay Area
poly community since 1998, led numerous discussion and research
groups, and are past Loving More Board members. They have spoken about
polyamory on television in the US and Sweden. Dawn and Akien are
Kink-aware, sensitive to issues of gender and sexual orientation, and
proponents of all forms of loving relationship. Dawn believes that the
capacity of the heart to love is infinite, and that the forms love may
take are limited only by the imagination. In his current work, Akien
is exploring happiness as a learnable skill which we can develop
within ourselves and bring to our relationships, our work, and our

Price: $20.00 advance/$25 at the door (if available)

To Register: http://www.purepleasureshop.com/product_info.php?cPath=56&products_id=678

Questions? E-mail Dawn at dawnd(at)mandalaenterprises[dot]com

Pure Pleasure
204 Church Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831.466.9870
Fax: 831.466.9873
Email: shop@purepleasureshop.com

Store Hours:
Monday-Thursday 12:00pm-7:00pm Friday-Saturday 12:00pm-10:00pm Sunday
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